I gained a bit of a pessimistic attitude after this past week because removing bias from algorithms feels like an impossible task. Although many solutions were offered in the TED Talks we watched, there are none I see as a fool-proof solution for eliminating the implicit bias so deeply ingrained within all of us. As a Psych major and Gender Studies minor, I am critical of the degree to which humans are able to curb their unconscious attitudes/stereotypes, and in turn, create AI that is free from bias. Even if we highly diversified the teams coding this technology, we could…

As I write this, I am sitting in my parent’s house surrounded by Amazon Echos. My dad just bought a whole set for the house: one for the kitchen, one for the living room, and one for the basement. I can’t help but think of Hill & Mattu’s TED Talk in which they discussed how Alexa was particularly chatty; “it contacted its servers every three minutes, regardless of whether you were using it or not” (2018). Yikes! My parents also have a Vizio smart tv, so they are really pushing privacy to the back burner. It surprised me that Vizio…

Prior to reading/watching the materials for Week 1 & 2 of CS 340, I was unaware that the issue of autonomous vehicles was so pressing. According to Maria Martin, “By the year 2035, the US streets will have about 4.5 million self-driving cars roaming around” (2021). It’s difficult to fathom the technological advancements I will get to see in my lifetime; just as I imagine people from my grandparent’s generation couldn’t have fathomed the iPhone.

A benefit of autonomous vehicles that surprised me was their potential impact on urban planning (Larco, 2018). I had not considered what cities would look…

Hello, everyone! My name is Lily and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a senior at WOU majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. I was recently accepted into Portland State University’s Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling MS program for fall 2021. I’m super excited to take my next step towards becoming a therapist!

Lily Gallagher

WOU CS 340 Blog

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